"I SEE YOU - Photo Coaching Program" is a workshop created and provided since 2018 by Davide Tambone, Master Certified Coach of the International Coach Federation.

ICF member since 2003 he creates value in the corporate, life and sport coaching world, through the use of his "Human Strategy" and "Photo Coaching Program" models, and the "Success Coaching®" model, of the Success Unlimited Network®, one of the oldest coaching schools in the world.

For ICF Italia  he was President 2020, Head of Services for Associates 2012-2013 and member of the National Board, Project Leader of ICF Italia Coaching Networking Week End 2011, Southern Italy Area Leader 2009-2010, and Regional Leader Puglia 2007-2008.

He is author of the book "Il Leader Coach" (Edizioni Gribaudi), co-author with Max Formisano of the book "Se solo potessi creare relazioni efficaci" (Edizioni Gribaudi) and author of the audiobook "Da capo a coach" (Edizioni Compagnia dei Talenti ).

"The greatness of Davide emerges from many small things: the accuracy of his presence, the willingness to listen and to be at the service of the client. Doing coaching, training or even simply interacting with him, leaves his mark because he is able to bring people to a higher level.

I experienced the depth of his new approach to coaching with photography:  it is effective with simplicity. In a few minutes I could let go of a weight that I had in my heart for a long time and it was wonderful! "

Graziella Marceddu, PCC